What You Need to Lead

What You Need to Lead

What do you need to lead others to success?

Tailored leadership programmes that are:

  • A blend of theory, discussion and exercises
  • Practical and inclusive
  • Focussed on immediate application

This is an example of a recent programme that was delivered on different days to over 100 delegates. They also completed a leadership project that was presented at a final award ceremony.

Day 1BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO YOUR CONVERSATIONS Creating leadership relationship strategies
Day 2ENABLE POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS BY ADAPTING TO THE OCCASION How to maintain objectivity under pressure
Day 3THE UPSIDE TO CONFLICT Managing conflict, the effect on you and saying  ‘No’
Day 4HARNESS THE POTENTIAL OF OTHERS TO ENABLE POSITIVE OUTCOMES Explore your team’s hidden talents as a leader
Day 5HOW TO LEAD WHEN YOU’RE NOT IN CHARGE Running brilliant teams and meetings
Day 6CREATE GRAVITAS AND GREAT PERSONAL IMPACT How to engage and inspire others, through excellent communication